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  • Walter Grabner

    Walter Grabner

  • SB Chatterjee

    SB Chatterjee

    Policy Economics | Tech Startups | MSc MBA MA (Econ) | Microsoft MVP 2008–13 | @CTHealth Leadership Fellow

  • Pablo Vaquero

    Pablo Vaquero

    Digital & Tech. strategist @ BCG. Editor www.pablovaquero.com. Co-Author of Networknomics. Opinions are my own!

  • Antonio Palacios

    Antonio Palacios

  • Vishal Bheda

    Vishal Bheda

    Building paradise using code as a magical spell.

  • Lucía Zaplana Rodríguez

    Lucía Zaplana Rodríguez

  • Marc Guirand

    Marc Guirand

    Founder & Tech-enabled services entrepreneur at @deriskvc ... I also help early stage founders as a Fractional COO

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